Birthday Haul

I have several reviews written, but I haven’t been posting because, unfortjnately, my dog escaped on July 3rd and hasn’t been seen yet.  I’m tremendously upset; Kona is my baby and honestly I feel like I’ve lost part of myself.

Regardless, the last of my birthday presents arrived in the mail yesterday so I can finally post some pictures of my birthday haul.

I received quite a bit!  This year my birthday haul includes 22 books, 2 Funko pops, and two statues.

My boyfriend got me all the Harry Potter stuff.  Because he knows me well.  So I got a hardcover and softcover version of the SLYTHERIN House 20th Anniversary edition of Philosopher’s Stone.  These aren’t my first copies of the original British (versus the Americanized Sorcerer’s Stone) but they’re really very lovely and gorgeous.  To go with them, I got the Dobby and Hedwig statues I’ve been coveting for over a year but could never find in stock anywhere, and Fred and George Weasley Funkos.

LGBT books!  I read The Love Interest while on my vacation.  Ashlesha was the book that arrived yesterday, and I literally cannot wait to read it.

Poetry books!  I’ve been wanting both of these for a long time, and I’m excited to finally have them.  Brenna has another poetry book coming out some time in the near future, just fyi.

Fantasy hardcovers.  I’ve already devoured Stalking Jack the Ripper.

Contemporaries.  Honestly, I’m such a fantasy nerd that it takes a special sort of contemporary to catch my attention but I’m excited to read each one of these.

Paperbacks (and Ashlesha again because I thought it looked pretty in this stack).  The Night Circus is one of my favorite books of all time, and now I finally have my own copy.  And I’ve loved everything I’ve read by Victoria Schwab so far so I’m thrilled to have Viscous.
The last two books didn’t get their own photos, because I don’t know anything about them… but, there we go. My birthday book haul.

Now if my dog could come back from his adventures being a wild animal, everything would be perfect.


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